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Baadshah – An ancient word which translates to a king, a sovereign, brave and courageous. A monarch ruling over a kingdom and forever building trust and loyalty with the people of the land. The name of our lounge is more than a name, we aim to translate the deeper meaning of the word baadshah into our services. 

Our Promise & Values

Our  promise to you is to provide you with a professional  and proficient service and truly treat you like a Baadshah. Whether you are exploring our authentic cuisine options, here for a sip of our beautifully crafted drinks or even ready to indulge in magnificent Shisha; our objective is to make you feel like royalty. Our expertise also span further than cuisine, we provide a catering service to elegantly supply our delicious dishes to the guests of your event. Alongside food, we are skilled in event planning, to provide you with the most seamless experience. We guarantee to go that extra mile for anyone walking into our lounge, thereby leaving them with an unforgettable experience when they walk out. Whether it is cuisine, our bar, catering or event planning, our aim is to create an everlasting bond and fully fulfil any of your aims, objective and expectations.


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